Monday, October 20, 2008

Pelican Nemo 2410 Recoil LED Dive Light Debuts At DEMA 2008

TORRANCE, CA – October 20, 2008 —Pelican™ Products, Inc. is set to debut the Nemo™ 2410 Recoil LED as the latest edition to the Nemo™ Series family of dive flashlights at Booth #3120 during the Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also on display is a wide range of Pelican Protector™ Cases with travel-oriented models highlighted.

Nemo 2410 features:
• A submersible rating of up to 500 feet
• Recoil LED Technology™ that blasts a clean, bright collimated beam of 84 lumens at it’s peak and produces up to 32 hours of usable light.
• A toggle switch on the side of the body for easy one-handed operation.
• A Chemical/corrosion resistant engineering grade polymer construction that will stand up to virtually any punishment a diver can dish out.
• Available in Black, Blue or Yellow, the Nemo 2410 Recoil LED
• An MSRP of $63.95.

Also on exhibit at the show is a host of Pelican’s advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases for protecting valuable equipment. Highlights include:

•The Nemo Dive Light Series - From the marina to the Great Barrier Reef, Pelican’s Nemo™ Series features seven reengineered versions of their most popular submersible dive lights that range from a 2AAA model (good for quick scans in a dive bag) to an 8D model (that will light up just about any situation above or below the waves).

•1510 Laptop Overnight Case (LOC) – It is designed for road warriors who want to protect their laptops and not waste time at the airport luggage carrousel. The 1510 LOC lid features a detachable neoprene sleeve that gives travelers immediate access at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints and accommodates the vast majority of laptop computers up to 15.4 inches. The case additionally features a separate roomy detachable pouch that can double as a cord holder or a toiletry bag. The main compartment sports a cloth-lined garment storage unit that can fit up to two day’s worth of clothing. The dimensions of the case itself are based upon the maximum overhead bin size allowed by airlines and offers nearly 1,800 cubic inches of usable storage space. It also sports stainless steel ball bearing, polyurethane wheels and an extension handle (with an effortless release latch) for easy transport as well as rubberized front and side grips for maximum grip comfort. The case alsofeatures stainless-steel, reinforced padlock protectors to defend against cutting and theft.

1090 HardBack™ Computer Case - Designed to fit in most soft bags and protect laptops up to 15” (including brands such as Apple®, Dell® and Sony®) from the rigors of travel, the 1090 sports a high-impact, heat and chemically resistant composite shell that will stand up to some of the harshest conditions known to man. As additional protection, the case features a shock-absorbing plush foam liner (with impact-protection cell cushions) and a strong, easy-snap, anodized aluminum latch (with stainless steel hinge pins) to ensure that the computer stays secure and scratch free. The case’s tongue-and-groove lid construction and polymer o-ring creates a watertight seal and its built-in, automatic pressure equalization valve keeps moisture out and makes it easier to open the case at any altitude. The 1090 also features a sturdynylon shoulder strap so travelers can keep a firm hold on their gear.

All Pelican products are backed by a lifetime guarantee: “You break it, we replace it…forever.”™
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