Monday, June 30, 2008

Rocky Mountain Tool Features Pelican(TM) Lights - the Industry Leaders in Safety Approvals

HYRUM, Utah, June 30 -- Not everyone thinks about whether their flashlights are approved for use in areas of flammable gases, volatile liquids or combustible dusts -- but the fact is that some lights could trigger an explosive event in a hazardous environment. Fortunately, Pelican(TM) flashlights, available at Rocky Mountain Tool, Inc.'s (, have passed rigorous testing by national and international safety agencies, earning more approvals than any other flashlights on the market.

Pelican flashlights carry safety approvals from Underwriters Laboratory, Factory Mutual, Mine Safety Health Association, Canadian Standards Association, International Electrotechnical Commission, Electrical Testing Laboratories, Urban Search and Rescue, and ATEX Europe.

"Pelican lights are some of the safest flashlights available today," said Ben Miller, Rocky Mountain Tool general manager. "Everyone from home users to emergency service crews can choose Pelican flashlights with confidence, knowing they are stable in virtually any situation. We are proud to carry the largest online selection of Pelican lights."

At, Rocky Mountain Tool offers 74 different Pelican flashlights and dive lights, including the popular HeadsUP series flashlights and Pelican's innovative night-vision flashlights, along with six different light kits -- clear polycarbonate cases that fit various sizes of Pelican flashlights and include special knives or compasses.

Industry-leading safety features on Pelican flashlights include the battery polarity tray, which makes it impossible to operate a flashlight if one or more cells are inverted, safeguarding against hydrogen outgassing. Pelican also adds gas-absorbing pellets to its lamp modules; the pellets act as a back-up safety system to absorb excess hydrogen that could otherwise be retained inside the flashlight.

"From police duty to severe underwater environments, Pelican is the proven leader. Our Pelican flashlights are tough, easy to handle, lightweight, convenient and proven safe. Most of all, they are reliable -- especially in hazardous conditions," Miller stated. "Pelican flashlights offer the brightness and safety our customers need, whether in the workplace, during recreation or at home."

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With over 30 years' experience in tool manufacturing and reconditioning, Rocky Mountain Tool is also a distributor of a variety of cutting tools, live tooling, quick change chucks, setup reduction, and tool holders. Through, the company is the Internet's leading supplier of Pelican(TM) Products, the toughest and safest flashlights and hard-sided cases available. To learn more, visit or


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