Thursday, January 17, 2008


Significantly raising the bar for 1-Watt LED lights, Pelican™ Products, a leading manufacturer of safety approved, technically advanced flashlights, has unveiled the StealthLite™ 2410 Recoil LED™, SabreLite™2010 Recoil LED™, Little Ed™ 3610 Recoil LED™ and HeadsUp Lite™ 2680 Recoil LED™ , Little Ed™ Rechargeable 3660 Recoil LED™ with Recoil™ LED Technology as part of their Pelican Recoil Series.

All lights in the series feature cutting edge Recoil LED technology™ that creates a brilliant collimated beam by shining a 1-watt Luxeon LED backwards at a parabolic mirror to harness 100% of the generated light. With long burn-times (in some cases up to 50 hours) and extremely long LED life (10,000 hours), most Pelican Recoil Series lights are safety approved for hazardous locations.

The Pelican Recoil Series lights include:
SabreLite™ 2010 Recoil LED™ – This classic light is the most safety approved flashlight on the market and now has a tested lumen value of 32 and a battery burn time up to 50 hours. The 2010 is submersible up to 500 feet, constructed of extremely tough and chemically resistant Xenoy® plastic and features a sturdy clip with a stainless steel pin to hang on a pocket for hands-free transport.

StealthLite™ 2410 Recoil LED™ – The 2410 boasts a brilliant 32 lumen stream of light, a battery burn time of 32 hours, and sports a convenient side-mounted switch for easy one-hand operation. It’s submersible up to 500 feet and is constructed Pelican tough with Lexan® resin plastic and a nylon lens.

HeadsUp™ Lite 2860 Recoil LED - Blends the dependable Pelican 500 foot submersible design with cutting edge Recoil LED Technology™ that burns at a tested 33 lumens, and features a 33 hour battery and 10,000 hour bulb life. Its FM approved and nearly indestructible ABS plastic construction and polycarbonate lens ensure that this headlamp will stand up to just about any extreme environment. The 2680 comes complete with 4 AA batteries and both rubber and cloth head bands to allow for a variety of underwater and surface uses.

Little Ed™ 3610 Recoil LED™ – One of Pelican’s most popular lights in the industrial and emergency/fire fighting markets, the Little Ed™ is a right angle light that blasts an even brighter (32 lumens) beam than before. This light is safety approved, water-resistant and constructed of nearly indestructible ABS plastic with a polycarbonate lens. The 3610 sports a stainless steel clip and an ergonomically correct front mounted switch for easy glove and hands-free operation.

Little Ed™ Rechargeable 3660 Recoil LED™ – One of Pelican’s most popular rechargeable lights in the industrial and emergency/fire fighting markets, the Little Ed™ Rechargeable is a right angle uses 1 watt Recoil LED Technology™ to focus 100% of the light forward.

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