Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pelican Offers A Glowing Array of Photoluminescent Lights

Shining the way for safety lights to come, Pelican™ Products has unveiled glow-in-the-dark versions of their most popular flashlights which will feature photoluminescent lens rings.

The special material in the lens ring maintains a charge from exposure to ambient light from almost any source, including light bulbs, the sun or even the flashlight’s own beam. The resulting green glow shines like a beacon even after the light is switched off. So during blackouts and emergency situations, a tough, dependable flashlight will always be readily available.

The photoluminescent series features both incandescent and cutting-edge Recoil LED™ models of Pelican’s classic lights. They include:

Emergency Lighting Station
SabreLite™ 2000 Photoluminescent
SabreLite™ 2010 Recoil LED™ Photoluminescent
StealthLite™ 2400 Photoluminescent
MityLite 2440 LED Photoluminescent
StealthLite™ 2410 Recoil LED™ Big Ed™ 3700 Photoluminescent
Big Ed™ Rechargeable 3750 Photoluminescent
Little Ed™ 3600 Photoluminescent
Little Ed™ 3610 Recoil LED™ Photoluminescent

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