Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pelican™ Light Kits

Pelican™ introduces light kits. Your favorite flashlight combined with a special knife of compass wrapped in a strong polycarbonate clear case. Let us tell you about our L1 LED 1940 Knife/Lite Combo Kit. Another handy kit features our MityLite™ 1980 Knife/Lite Combo Kit, a bright compact light with a long lamp life and extended battery burn time. The L4 LED 1850 Mini System includes the Pelican™ L4 1830 LED flashlight, a handy LED flashlight that's light weight with a slim profile design.

Finding a dependable lighting in a blackout situation is no longer a problem for the owner of the Pelican™ Products glow in the dark Pelicans™ 2480 ELS (Emergency Lighting Station).

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