Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pelican introduces IR and NVG Lights (Night Vision)

These flashlights have the same features of the same name versions with xenon bulb or LED bulbs but are equipped with a special lens that alters the color spectrum and cut the candlepower to preserve night vision. Choose from 7 sizes including a headlamp to use for night time use.

The larger night vision lights:
M8 8030™ Night Vision
StealthLite™ 2400NVG
MityLite™ 2340NVG
HeadsUp Lite™ 2620NVG

The smaller night vision lights:
MityLite™ 1900NVG
L1 1930NVG LED
Mini Flasher™ 2130IR LED
VB3™ 2220NV LED

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